Kotei Kids Shaved Ice was created to show our children that you can turn something you love into a real business. As successful entrepreneurs in other industries, we wanted our children to learn entrepreneurship first-hand. With them still being so young, it's been amazing to watch them get involved in so many elements of the business and sometimes (when they're not in school) you can even find them helping serve shaved ice or "taste-testing" all the yummy flavors!

First and foremost, this is how you pronounce Kotei (Koh-tay). Our father is from Ghana and our mom is African-American. We three kids love doing all types of fun things and are excited to have you try our shaved ice! We're not in it for the money, we thought this shaved ice business would be a good idea because now our parents let us have all the shaved ice we want lol. As a family, we love traveling and have been to Ghana, Italy, Paris, Maui and several other states in the US. Most days during the warmer months, you can find us outside playing and exploring local kids activities.

Age: 10

Loves minecraft, playing chess, building things with hands, swimming

Favorite Flavor: Banana Foster

Age: 8

Loves roller skating, singing and gymnastics

Favorite Flavor: Cotton Candy

Age: 3

Loves dancing, reading books on mommy’s lap and saying the word “No”

Favorite Flavor: He loves them all

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