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Creamy shaved ice is naturally gluten-free
and easily customizable with our selection of toppings

We bring you the best and most delicious shaved ice around. We love seeing the reaction of someone trying our shaved ice for the first time. With your first bite, you will realize that not all shaved ice is created equal. As parents we know how important it is to make sure our four children have the very best so we wanted to provide shaved ice flavors that taste great and are free from junk. We wanted our kids to have cold treats that are without high fructose corn syrup, dyes, and artificial sweeteners because that is important to us. By using all-natural, and organic ingredients, we've accomplished the best of both worlds. We do our best to reduce waste, by using glass/metal/paper instead of plastic wherever we can, and serve our treats in only compostable products.

Shaved Ice is not to be confused with Italian Ice (where the flavor is frozen into the ice,). It's also not like a sno-cone that is prepared with crushed ice and often harder so you have to crunch and chew it. Shaved Ice is prepared by shaving a block of ice to create “Shave Ice” which gives it a light, delicate, real-snow texture. Flavored syrups are added after shaving so that the ice absorbs the syrups, rather than being surrounded by it, as is typical with sno-cones.

We offer a variety of catering packages for all types of events (weddings, birthdays, corporate etc.). With the shaver on site, this is a fun and interactive way to provide desserts to your guests of all ages. All of our flavors are organic, vegan and gluten free, as well as a low caloric count – a treat that everyone can enjoy!

Catch us on the following event and get the 
chance to experience the amazing 
flavors of our shaved ice...

6th Annual Birth and Babies Fair
September 18th, 10 AM - 3PM
Baker Place, Frederick MD

We offer the easiest fundraising ever!

No need to solicit volunteers, bother with collecting order slips, or deal with the tedious distribution or accounting of products. We donate 10% of the sales from your event back to the organization.
We arrive, provide a healthy, delicious, refreshing shave ice event, and you receive a generous check for your organization.

Fundraisers may be scheduled as a one-time event or on a regular basis

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